ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening


The American Cancer Society recommends that patients have a complete oral soft tissue examination at least once a year.  The ViziLite exam is effective, simple and easy.

According to the American Dental Association, over 25% of oral cancers occur in people who do not smoke and have no other risk factors.  Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it's caught early.  And that's why a simple exam has been developed using technology that has been proven successful in identifying other types of precancerous abnormalties.   

When oral cancer is found at the earliest stage, treatment is quicker, simpler, less invasive, and more than 90% successful.

Who is at risk for oral cancer?

Primary Risk Factors - age 40 and older, tobacco use including "smokeless" tobacco

Other Risk Factors - heavy or chronic alcohol consumption, viral infections, particularly HPV 16/18, long term exposure to the sun (lip cancer), a history of white or red patches on the oral tissue

An annual ViziLite exam, in combination with a conventional visual examination, provides a comprehensive oral screening procedure for patients at risk for oral cancer.


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